Friday, August 28, 2009

It's Friday and I did it.

TGIF. I am so glad it is Friday. I just finished work and my parents are on their way. Yeah!

I met my goal, of exercising 3 times this week. Yeah! Fitting it in was difficult, but I did. I have a planner, ocd personality and I always try to plan my exercise at a certain time everyday. In my mind, I should get up early and exercise, and since I can't I find it hard to plan...... but I had a light bulb moment this week. Instead of planning for everyday,I can plan one day at a time. Where is it I can fit it in? Okay, I know it is not a new concept, but I needed to learn it in regards to fitting in time to exercise. If I can't do it in the morning, due to lazyness, work, kids, I can do it another time. And I did that this week.

I know some people who are doing this running and I am considering it.....?? I have said to David many times I want to run a marathon.....ummmmm?

I also get frustrated at myself, because I want to get up early before my family, enjoy my cup of coffee and biblestudy and I don't. However I had to finish work stuff this morning and got up at for me I have to make an appointment with Jesus. If I can do it with work, I can do it with Him.

Oh and I am at 13#s.....

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