Friday, November 4, 2011


Lesson have been learned since last blog:

1.  Bootcamps are hard for fat people.
2.  Burpees are the enemy!!!!
3.  The second round of detox is harder than the first. 
4.  Rope exercises are fun.
5.  God can teach me and love me in my mistakes.
I was listening to a podcast by Matt Chandler, who is a preacher in the Dallas area and he said some great things....

1.  People love info but hate application:  What do you love to hear and learn about but do not apply well?  I have done many bible studies where I hear it, but do not apply what I learn.  Even with health and nutrition.  I love the info, but do not put it into action all the time.  I pray that I apply what I learn.  What Jesus teaches me.

2. Back in the day they sacrificed we sacrifice our lives.  What do you sacrifice?  What do you sacrifice for?  These questions will help you see where your priorities are.

3.  God has entrusted me with two precious souls.  Do I always parent with this mindset?  Those 2 girls that God has blessed me with are so amazing.  I am honored to be their mother.  They are my mission field.  Thank you Lord for those girls.

4.  We focus on the temporary and not eternal.  I know I do this with food.  Get that temporary fix.  That one tasty bite.  But I also do this in other areas.
Another thing I have been learning, and have known is that there are times that I love food more than I love God. I do not want this to be true!!!!!!!!!!! This has been a hard truth to face. Facing realities about yourself that need to be changed is hard! And this is what my journey has been about this time.  What does God want for my life??

Lets not beat ourselves up.  Lets pull up are big girl pants and make a better choice. 

I can do all things through Christ.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

33 Day Detox/Cleanse Take 2

Good Morning!  I have decided to participate in this journey again.  I need the support of the group!  I still have weight to lose and health to gain.  We were asked today to read Numbers 11:1-15.  Go look it up. 

I love Moses' honesty with God.  I love how in his fit he went directly to God.  I have a tendency to pout, throw my fit, call people, all before I go to God. 

I also saw in the Message version that in verse 6 it said "manna, manna, manna".  That just made me smile, taking me back to the Brady Bunch days of Marsha, Marsha, Marsha.

  We were asked as we read to think about having the same thing.  The Israelites we sick of having the same thing over and over.  I kinda think it would be nice to always know what is for dinner.  Their attitude was not one of thankfulness.  I know I have not had the right attitude many times.  God got angry at their complaining.  How many times do we today complain about life?  We are so blessed.  I can be a complainer, I have to chose to look at my blessings!!!!!

So what do we do when we are tired of it??  Its okay to get tired of something.  We can be grateful for what we have and turn to God to help us have the right attitude and ask Him to intervene in our lives. God wants us to depend on Him.

In some cases getting tired of something is what prompts change.  I am tired of being unhealthy and I will just say it....FAT.  I want change. 

What are you tired of?  What do you need to have a thankful heart about it?  What do you need to rely on God to get you through? 

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Still Plugging along

I am still plugging along!!!!

I can not believe I am so close to my first goal.  It is so amazing.  Life has kept me so busy lately it has been difficult to update.  I finished my 33 day detox/cleanse.  One thing I really wanted after it was over, was coffee.  I did not like it.  I will be sticking to hot tea!!!

I have not stuck to the principles I learned 100% and have really learned the saying "NOTHING TASTE AS GOOD AS HEALTHY FEELS!"  God provided us with wonderful foods that are good for us and I have learned when I eat those foods, I feel so much better.  I will be participating in the cleanse again. There is so much to learn, and I like the accountability of a group.

My daughter and I earned our orange stripe in our tae kwon do class.  This has been such a neat experience.  As a family we have deiced to take a break after we tested. We found that we were too busy.  We hope to return during soccer breaks.  ( We love being a soccer family)

My husband and I have  joined Melissa Fit Camp.  It is an awesome boot camp.  I have felt many times like I was on the Biggest Loser.  It has been fun and a new way to help me reach my goals.  And can I just say its hard!  Pray for us at 5 in the morning.!!!!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

2.4 pounds...and other things

I weighed on 8-16-11 and lost another 2.4 pounds.  Yeah. Praise God.  I am so thankful for what I lost, but its been a rough week.

God has shown me I am too hard on my kids this week.  This has been a hard lesson to learn.  I thought changing my food was hard!  Changing emotionally and spiritually can be just as challenging.  I hear alot of people say kids grow up so fast.  Could it be because we force them too?  For me I realized that sometimes higher expectations are placed on my little ones than should be.  I think this can hinder their imaginations, play, learning how to do things, exploring the world around them, and their relationship to Jesus. I pray I learn to give my kids the grace and mercy God has given me.

Another thing I have been learning this week is true feelings, and how communicating them is HARD!  Do we really communicate well?  Do we really feel well?  I do not!!!  For as long as I can recall, I have stuffed things with food.  Eating raw, healthy, foods does not stuff anger, hurt, anxiety, fear, stress, and many other feelings down. Food has been like sweeping things under the rug, and now I have to clean it up! I maybe fearfully and wonderfully made, but I added a mess under my rug.  I am actually having to confront how I feel, and I confess I do not know how to deal with it.    I am learning for the first time in my life, who I am without processed food, without sugar, without junk.  I am going to have to learn to depend on God more than I ever have.   Emotional eating adds so much baggage both physically, spiritually, and emotionally and I am ready to get rid of it. 

Friday, August 12, 2011

Almost halfway to Goal 1!!!!

I am almost halfway to goal 1. I am feeling better than I have felt......ever.  I have energy to live.  Its fabulous.  God is good!!!!!!!!!!  Now if my sprained knee would heal, so I can get back to Tae Kwon Do.

I did not put this in previous post, but I am participating in a 33 day detox and cleanse.  It is such a awesome journey.  Any questions contact Maria at  Its is worth it! 

I must go clean. 

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Slacker is back!

How many times have you started your diet again?  I have lost count!!!  How many diets have you tried?  I have tried alot!  I am so good at starting but horrible at finishing.  Well, the slacker is back!!!!!!   This time however the slacker is changing her life.  I am not just starting a diet on Monday, I am not vowing to start a new exercise class. No, I am changing my life.  Bare with me as I share what has occured.

In March I went to visit my brother.  He works for Titan Fitness and they sell the Exerspy.  It is a device that you wear on your arm and it keeps track of how many calories you burn, how many steps you take, how much you sleep, and your minutes of activity.  (any questions email  Well this was it.  I was going to use this, keep track of my calories, train for my 2nd 5K, and weight would magically fall off.  Jason has been one of the many people who has supported me and encouraged me.  Even this time,  my excuses won over doing the work.  I have continued to wear this device and 100% believe it is what has kept me from gaining.  Since wearing it in March till about July 31 I have lost about 12 pounds.  Good for me, but it could have been better.  I got lazy.  During this time I used many excuses.....I do not have time to plug in my calories, I don't have time to workout, I am tired after working all day and deserve to chill know the drill.  I can be the queen of excuses.  My desire was to eat right, exercise, start my day with Jesus.  But I never acted with 100% effort.  I want the easy road.  The simple diet that would get the job done without messing up my day.  And I want to not get up early.

We moved in May, and I never finished training for that 2nd 5K.  My excuses then became about moving and all that needed to be done.  Then I noticed a sign in our new little town for cardio kickboxing.  I love group classes and kickboxing.  So I went.  I was a nervous wreck.  I would feel out of place.  It seems from this girls' perspective its the healthy people working out, not us fat chicks.  To my surprise I was welcomed with open arms and encouraged every step of the way.  I have continued to attend and me and my family have joined the Tae Kwon Do classes offered at this facility.  This place is amazing.  Go check out  About the time I began attending here, my brother recommended a book called Bring It.  I told him I would give it a good go for 3 months and if I did not feel better and lose weight I would be considering weight loss surgery.  I was fed up.  I hate being tired.  I have too much life to live.  I have to many cute outfits to wear.  I was done.  (He did not like my statement!) Again I gave the book a chance. I started but did not finish, however I noticed between attempting the changes in the book and my exercise at PTC I was feeling better.

What happens next helps initiate my desire to do it different and do it better.  I have in the past suffered from recurring ovarian cysts and have been treated with medicine.  This medicine made me crazy!!  Ask my kids. Ask my husband.  Even my mom living miles away can tell you.  There were many side effects.  Since 2008 I have not had any cysts, but in July one came back. The medical answer is meds.  Well, I say no!  I am not doing it. I do not want to put myself or my family through that again. So, I am changing my lifestyle.  Not just doing a diet.  I am just plain eating healthy and exercising.   I look forward to it and the health benefits.   I have decided to treat myself with nutrition.  I am feeling great and look forward to doing this the right way.  Not some fad diet.

I can do all things through Christ!  So can you!!!!

A special shout out to all who are supporting me and helping me.  Thank you.  God blesses us with gifts to bless others and each of you bless me.

Lets Finish this! 

Friday, February 11, 2011

Woman vs. Cupcake Cake

On January 28 my daughter Charlee turned 3. Time has gone by so quickly. She is a bundle of personality and joy. A tradition we started with our kids is they get some of their presents and birthday cake for breakfast the morning of their birthday. On this morning had victory over the cupcake.

January 29 the day of the party my husband picked up the cake and met me at the party. It was a Dora cupcake cake. Do you know how much icing they use for these things? Do you know that is my favorite part of a cake? The smell was intoxicating. My husband and some sweet friends passed out the cake to the guest to help me not give in. Again victory over the cupcake.

January 30 I was left alone with the leftover cake. I had work to do this morning and we skipped church. David took the kids to the park, so I could work. When my family left, my first thought was: I am alone with cake. This was scary. Could I trust myself? I threw myself into my work in my bedroom.....the farthest room from the cupcakes. Later in the day, I wrap up my work and begin on things around the house. I am feeling very overwhelmed with things that need to be done at this point, and the thoughts of a little bite enter my head. I get irritable, frustrated. I felt like I was doing all the work and my husband was not helping. Did I ask him to help......? No. I think my cupcake thoughts invaded my brain and made me crazy. We got into a little argument because of this, which intensified my desire and temptation for the thick icing on those cupcakes. So, I went to church. It was good. It was a time of praise and prayer and boy did I need some. Add insult to injury the kids heard our fighting. I was now on a guilt trip. The trip was lengthened when I got home and my husband informed me of comments made by my oldest daughter. When she arrived home I told her we were sorry for fighting and that mommy and daddy loved each other very much. My husband made the kids some dinner, with a cupcake. Uggg....I felt drunk from the fumes. I had to call my sponsor. The air between my husband and I was not completely cleared, so words were still a little short. He said he would throw the cupcakes away, and my statement was: that does not mean I can not get them out. He said now that is just gross Shelly.

I know its gross. I know how sick it sounds. However, that is what a compulsive overeater will do. Any lengths to get the bite. I did not want to ruin my days of not eating those certain sweets, but I was overwhelmed with life and temptation. I talked to my sponsor and my mom who helped me through and my husband ran an errand for me and threw the cupcakes away...far far away.

Woman 3 Cupcakes 0. Victory.

Two weeks later we celebrated my husbands birthday with no temptation to the cupcakes.

Woman 4 Cupcakes 0. Victory!!!!

Sunday, January 16, 2011


27 days my friends of laying off the sweets!!!! Now, do not get me wrong, I am not sugar free, but I am not eating many things I binged on before. I bet you are wondering what......? Lets see, things like cookies, candy bars, icecream, cake.

I made it through Christmas easily and feel like it is still not as hard as I thought it would be. I almost grieved, ok not almost, I did grieve losing food when I made this choice. It has always been my source of comfort and validation and I was choosing to quit some of my favs. I have had moments in these past 27 days that I wanted something, but have not given in to what I call my abstinence. I have had more energy without so much sugar.

I do admit I have binged on other things and food needs to be laid down at the cross daily and I struggle with this. I need a food plan. What boundaries will I allow? Yet, I feel like my focus would be food, and that is what I do not want to focus on. Yet, we have to have food for life. Uggg....! I want to continue to to work on being healthy and work on trusting Jesus with my life. I have many times paid others to tell me what to do with my food plan. I have spent alot of money on weight loss programs. Just ask First Bank of David. Getting healthy is not just about the food plan though. Its about healing the pain, anger, sorrow, scars of the past. Letting them go. Its about allowing myself to feel something through instead of eat something through. Do you ever just let yourself feel? Its about trust in the Lord. Its about showing my kids that although I have sinned with gluttony, and used food as a drug, that there is forgiveness and healing. That if you work hard change can happen.

We talked about determination in Sunday school this morning....and perseverance to finish the race. It is about being determined to live the way God desires I live. Its about allowing Him to change me and mold me and use me. It is about doing the impossible with the possible God. What is impossible for you today? Remember Philippians 4:13 says I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength!!!