Friday, August 14, 2009

More Energy and other thoughts

Over the past year I have struggled alot with fatigue. I have slept many nights at least 9 hours, struggling to get up afterwards and needing naps during the day. I love to take a good nap, but for me this battle with tiredness was wearing on me. Working full-time, raising 2 small girls, and having a husband I did not and do not have time for decreased energy and fatigue. Well, today I tried to take a nap 2 different times and I could not. I have had so much more energy today! This program has already made huge changes. Instead of sleeping I got some much needed decluttering done! I would like to keep my Sunday nap though!

What does food do for you???

What does food do for me? For as far back as I can remember it has been my best-friend and my worst enemy. When I felt alone, unable to talk to someone, or had any other feelings it was there. It brought comfort, release, and it filled the cracks left by hurt, anger, sadness, guilt. Yet, as I let it be my friend it became my enemy as I gained weight. It is a vicious cycle. Food is more like a drug for me, then just the simple nutrition I need for life and good health. It numbs and although the consequences of the drug are difficult I know that it will feel good next time.
I have been wanting to change this pattern for a long time. I can remember as a kid being on diets and into adulthood, but nothing ever worked well. I never finished. I also never worked through the honest emotional ties I have with food. I know that I have to allow Jesus to heal me, comfort me, and give me strength. I know that I have to not just react but respond. It helped me yesterday. My husbands grandmother passed away, and there was food everywhere as well as feelings, but I made it though with prayer and determination.
What do you want food do for you?
What do I want food to do for me? I want it to give me health. I want it to give me the energy to play with my children. I want to learn to enjoy it not abuse it.
May God bless our food to the nourishment of our bodies.

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