Sunday, August 23, 2009

10 Pounds

Wow! I have dropped 10 pounds. That feels amazing. Can you imagine 10 pounds of hamburger meat? Yes, I lost that much fat. YEAH. I am so thrilled. I have had so much more energy. The picture on my profile is pretty much my before picture....I look forward to putting up others.

When I started this process one of my goals was to wear my wedding ring....I can't wear it yet, but I will get there soon. But, I decieded I want to add a new goal this week: To work out at least 3x......

I struggle with working out. Its not that I don't like it, its that I feel like there is no time for. Getting up at 445 is so early!!!! And I need sleep! Is 6.25 hours enough??But if I get up, than its done. If I do it in the afternoon other things come up and I would be rushed to get the girls from daycare and school, and at night is out of the question. I have to do dinner, baths, where does it fit in? Any advise would be appreciated? How do you fit it in??

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