Monday, September 7, 2009


I am thrilled to say I am at 16 pounds lost. Yeah. I wore a skirt to church yesterday I have not worn in a while. My wedding ring still has a little bit to go. I did not make working out 3 times this past week. My husband and I did Day 1 of the couch to 5k program a week ago, and it was fun. Hard, but fun. We planned on doing it again, but my oldest daughter got sick on Tuesday so we did not make it. On Wednesday, by the time I was able to it was too dark, and Thursday and Friday just got filled with stuff. Hopefully I do better this week. I wanted to workout today, but we went to the park and I collided with the ground while riding my kid's wiggle my youth really gone that I can't do kid stuff without hurting myself?

I have been doing really well, but I have had moments that things I can't eat sound so good and I just want to be lazy. I made my daughter peanut butter and jelly and oh my the smell of peanut butter never smelled so good. But, I have to remember the goals.....lose weight, get healthier. I know that I will have peanut butter again one day. I know that as I continue to eat healthy, later I will add in foods I am not eating. I will be able to enjoy them instead of take advantage of them.

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