Sunday, August 9, 2009

I hear people say "I am so out of shape", I however am not. I have a shape, its called round. Round face, round arms, round in the middle. You name it and its round. Okay lets be honest, its fat. Yes, I confessed, I am fat. In fact, I am considered obese, but starting today I pray that I can get The Skinny on Shelly. " I can do all things through Christ,who gives me strength",right??

I have joined a program that will assist me on my endeavor and wanted to document my journey to thin, to health, to keeping up with my kids, to wearing my wedding ring again, wearing clothes because they are cute, not because they cover up my shape. Will you join me?

Goal #1 Make it through the first three is the hard part

Goal #2 Wear my wedding ring......after two kids it just don't fit no more

Oh and please pray for me......After Tuesday I can not longer have Dt. Coke. My friends at Sonic are going to miss me.

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