Wednesday, February 24, 2021

New Year, New Word. Better Late Than Never.

My list of one word for the year ideas has sat in the notes section of my phone mostly untouched since the middle of January. I was late picking my word last year and now even later this year. I have not had confirmation for any of the words. In the past the Lord has confirmed the word loud and clear. The thought of not picking one has crossed my mind numerous times. After all, it is almost the end of February. 

However, while the Lord is not being loud and clear confirming a word, He is being quietly persistent that I am to pick a word for 2021.  

I have learned over the last 7 years that picking a word gives me an anchor. Jesus is my permanent anchor, but these yearly words have proven to be temporary anchors that assist in minimizing my drift from the permanent One and things that matter to me.

Currently, my heart, soul, and mind feel tossed by the waves. I know I can't escape the winds and currents of this life that cause the tide to swell around me, so having an anchor gives me some stability and helps my heart, soul, and mind feel less tossed. 

My goals matter. What I want to accomplish matters. Growth and change matter. My mental, physical, and spiritual health matter. Having a word anchors me in how I want to do the things that matter. It helps me focus when the things that matter are hard and the circumstances of life threaten to pull me under. It keeps me from drowning, even if I feel like I am. It keeps me from being lost, even if I can't quite find my way. It gives me breath, even if I feel like I can’t breathe.  

2021 has already given me plenty of waves. I not only didn’t have my temporary anchor in word form, but I have questioned where the permanent One has been. I know that the permanent One, Jesus, does not move. It is me. I drift. I try to control. I hold onto things I need to let go of and miss things I need to grasp. I look to false anchors to get me by. 

In the last few years I have dealt with and continue to deal with various personal things. I have faced things that I should have faced sooner. Recently, I experienced a loss that I will have to process and grieve in the months to come.

Several times over the last year it has been suggested to me that I let things go. Even in the midst of experiencing the loss I heard similar words. I have been experiencing physiological, emotional, mental, and spiritual symptoms of the stress, circumstances, and emotions I have not been letting go of.

So, in 2021, I aim to look not only to my permanent anchor, Jesus, but also to the anchor of my one word.


I need to release things that I can't control. 
I have to release stress that I tend to internalize and carry physically.
I need to release the words that are inside my heart and soul waiting to be written. 
I need to release emotions and feelings. 
I need to release my hold on things, so I can hold better things. 
I need to release stress by working out. 
I need to release anxiety by doing activities that fill my cup, my heart, and my soul. 
I need to release the breaths I have been holding. 
I need to release lies I have grabbed onto and grasp the truth.
I need to release my will for His will. 

As was suggested to me, I need to let things go. This list is just a handful of things I need to let go of and release. I don't go into a year with a word that I don't need to work on. It is a word that grows me and challenges me each year and makes me better for having spent the year with it.

Honestly, this might be my hardest one word yet. 

But, I am ready to release.