Monday, March 10, 2014

Overhead sqauts, pull-ups, and tears Oh my!!

Kodiak CrossFit = Overhead squats, pull-ups, and tears Oh my!!!!

Often times since beginning my crossfit journey in July I have had tears. 

Weight loss is so much more than just losing fat. There is change and transformation within.  For me, crossfit is one of the catalyst for the metamorphosis that is taking place.

There is insight to living that happens many times during a WOD.

This past Friday was another day that a workout was used to sharpen me.

I woke up feeling a little fed up...okay a lot fed up with all the things I have been dealing with. I AM DONE. 

I made it to a mom's prayer group and the verses we read were on healing. (Yes, I will take some! ) These women covered me in prayer.  I was so thankful. 

Its hard to keep fighting, when you feel so knocked down.

And this is what I felt during this 15 minute WOD...15 minutes of 10 overhead squats and 10 pull-ups, as many rounds as possible.  I had to modify using a box, light weight, and bands....but it was HARD.  Those pull-ups, pulled up some emotions and tears. I wanted to so badly to run out the door, around the building and crumble to the ground in a good ole fashioned pity party.  Its just been too much.

I seriously contemplated this party. I wanted to arms wanted me quads wanted me to...its hard to keep fighting, when you feel so knocked down. Yet, it wasn't the workout that made me want to leave...its just the heaviness of the circumstances around me the last few months. Its hard to keep pulling up both during a WOD and in life.

But, I didn't quit.  I kept doing those pull-ups through teary eyes. 

And I won't quit now. 

I will keep chasing my health.  I will keep chasing Jesus. I will keep chasing strength. I will keep chasing transformation. 

Whatever you are dealing with, its normal to feel like quitting, its rather you quit or not that matters.

We got this!

All things through Christ!

Friday, March 7, 2014

A prayer...A psalm by Shelly

A psalm I wrote as instructed in the Chase study by Jennie Allen;

My stability.
My comfort.
My fear taker.
Your capabilities are beyond what I can see.
I praise You for the blessing You bestow upon me.

Forgive my blindness, and the things my eyes won't see.
Forgive my deafness, and the whispers my ears don't hear.
Forgive my disbelief and the worry that's there.

I have doubted the things You can do,
Questioned Your use of me.
I have doubted the prayer You can answer,
Diminished Your power with my fear.

I am sorry Lord.
I surrender.
I surrender to You, my Savior, my God.
Give me ears to hear, eyes to see, and feet to walk in Your ways.
Bless me with courage and boldness, and
please, please, please help my unbelief.