Thursday, August 15, 2013

Workout brings me to tears

Sunday:  Rest day. Family fun day. Hurricane Harbor day.  Lots of standing, walking, swimming.

Monday: Cleaning day. Laundry day.  Grocery shopping day.  Lots of standing and walking.  All members of family on cranky side.  Stressful day. Wanted PJs and bed. BUT MUST GET IN WORKOUT!!  ( I have come to far to skip a day) Crossfit day.

Did you catch all the standing and walking accomplished in 2 days??

The WOD(workout of the day) for Monday contained lots of squatting.  My legs felt a little like jello, so did my arms!  I met new people that night who encouraged and inspired me! I walked in cranky and stressed.  I walked out happier and less tense.

I awoke Tuesday very sore, however ready to take on the day.  I met with my trainer who did not feel sorry for me about my soreness and he pushed me.  He made me dribble a basketball around the court!  Apparently, he is unaware of my poor motor planning and coordination! ( In junior high I was the basketball book keeper or something.  I was not on the court!) The ab work we accomplished makes me think there is a 12 pack under there! (this helped with my August ab challenge for the day)  Oh, and he made me do ropes, which involve squatting on my already sore legs!

And somehow afterwards I am still smiling!
Thanks Bryan!

Then comes Wednesday.

This means I ran 800m
Did  weighted lunges, hang cleans, and push presses each with reps of 21,18,15,12,9,6, and 3
Then ran 800m again!!!

I was able to run the first 800m. I did all the reps, however had to put down the weight(35#) for lunges due to my knee during the process. I would look at what rep set I was on and think there is no way I can do this.  I would see the clock thinking I could not finish.  I would wonder how I could possibly wrap it all up with another run.  I just kept fighting.  I stared each number in the face and kept moving.  My whole body wanted to stop, but my heart wanted to finish.  I ran/walked that last 800m.  My kids ran with me the first lap, spurring me onward.  Coach Tim and Coach Shaun encouraged me. My kids went inside the second lap, but I could hear them cheering for me.  I finished in 30:45.  The intensity of this day was so much more than the 5ks I have ran, but finishing was similar.  I cried crossing the finish line of my 1st race and I cried finishing this WOD.   

I never thought I was strong enough!!!  Because of the one who made me I am!!!! Knowing I can conquer this physical challenge, gives me hope I can conquer the craziness of the upcoming school year, parenting, and weight loss. 

"I can do all things through Him who gives me strength"  Philippians 4:13


  1. YOU ARE A BEAST SHELLY!!!! (that is all :D) Love you have a great day!!


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