Thursday, August 1, 2013

Lessons from Day 1 at Crossfit

I am apart of a facebook group and many of the folks do I decided I wanted to try it.  I learned a lot on my first day!!!!

I researched several locations, asked around, and finally got the nerve to call 2 and ask questions.  I had to pick up a friend next door to one of the locations and briefly observed and quickly doubted my desire to try it.

 One of the guys I spoke with, Eric, was very personable. He made an excellent first impression on the phone.  I was concerned about participating due to my knee, weight, and ability.  He was very confident that I could do it.  His belief in me before I stepped through his door was encouraging, so I choose his place:

I made a post or 2 wondering if I should be scared or excited, I was both, my internet research of the word crossfit did not help much, but boy did I learn alot........

Lessons from Kodiak CrossFit

  • Be on time!!!!  I was a nervous wreck pulling up to the door in my swagger wagon, running a few minutes late.  I thought we left in plenty of time, but I did not allow for time finding the place. Eeeekkk! I was called out for that in a very gentle, yet authoritative manner (I had thought the in charge guy, Eric, was out of town.. he was back.  Although he was very nice on the phone, I did not want to make a fool of myself on my first day with the guy in charge there.)  This is a good lesson for me, I am always running late.
  • I can still jump rope. Due to my tardiness I missed the warm up, so I had to jump rope. I was so scared.  I was afraid my body and my knee could not do that 1x much less 200x.  Eric has a very nice padded floor, so it was easier on my joints and I pulled it off.  My lungs were on fire, they might still be today.  
  • If being easy on me is using no weights and making me do 5 rounds of 6 burpees, 8 over head walking lunges, and sit ups I am not sure I want to see or do hard.  That is 30 burpees!!!!!  Who does that?? 
  • That the people are nice!!!  It is much different than a gym atmosphere! When I walked in, late, all I saw were guys. Very intimidating....very. These guys were so welcoming!!  Not judging. As much as I was questioning myself for being there , I never once felt like anyone in that room questioned me being there. Eric was so encouraging every step of the way and the guys were as well.  
  • This is not a place to say I can't.  Its a place to give effort! And there is no doubt in my mind that if I ended up not doing something, that I would be encouraged and would be able to do it at some point.
  • I can complete a crossfit WOD!  When a room of people are working hard you don't want to quit! I thought I would compare myself to others, but I didn't. It's not about that. It's about where I have come from and where I am going.   It was about me doing the best I could, giving it my all, and doing better the next time.
  • Its a challenge worth taking and I loved it. I did not expect to like it as much as I did.  I have done spin classes which are fun. Zumba classes which remind me I am not a dancer, but I enjoy it.  But there is something amazing about the hard challenge of crossfit, I guess you could compare it to the runner's high.  
I like being pushed. That is one of the many reasons I tired out for a TV have someone push me.  I  love that God has placed people and places in my life to do just that!  

I plan on going back  for the next month.  I am sure there will be lessons learned, tears cried, and strength built, and maybe, just maybe a few pounds lost.

Visit my new friends at Kodiak CrossFit!  

"I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength!"  Philippians 4:13


  1. This is a wonderful review. And exactly the way we all felt on our first day. But Eric, Jacob, Shawn, Katie and Tim are incredible mentors that will guide you all the way to sucess. WELCOME TO KODIAK CROSSFIT!!


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