Saturday, October 19, 2013

What are you looking at??

I was discussing Psalm 123 a few weeks ago with a group of ladies and was reminded of how important vision is!!!

Verse 1 says "I lift my eyes to You, the One enthroned in heaven."

As babies vision is vital to the development of strength, balance, perception, and many other skills.  As we continue into adulthood vision is just as important for these skills and many others.

In various areas of our lives we must look in a million different directions, however there are things that require focus. 

In crossfit my coach will say "look straight", the minute I don't focus I loose form, strength, and balance.

In parenting the minute I don't focus on what matters I loose my strength to remain calm and gentle.

In my marriage if I focus on the wrong things it creates tension.

In my walk with Jesus if I take my focus off of Him, I will sink like Peter. (see Matthew 14)

I have attempted this weight loss journey so many times, but my vision was always downcast.  I never lifted my eyes in belief or trust that God would answer my prayers.
I would get distracted or discouraged and loose my vision.  My vision has always been on "I can't".  I had to make a choice to change my vision and my belief to "I can", and trust Jesus in this area.  

There is a story in the bible about a king who gives his servants money. He asks them to put the money to work until he returns.  They all receive the same amount of money but what they did with it varied. One servant earned double the amount, one earned half the amount, and the last servant buried his money to keep it safe.  (see Luke 19)  Those two servants who earned more than what they were given took a risk, that third one played it safe.

What risks are you taking in your life?  What are you doing with what Jesus has given you until He returns???

I started my crossfit journey at the end of July with Kodiak Crossfit. Since the first day I have been blessed with a group of people who push me and who believe in me. When my vision looks down they tell me to look up.  Together some of us are doing a challenge.  In some of the workouts I am not successful, I get frustrated and discouraged, but I am making progress physically, mentally, and spiritually.   My head may look down for a moment, but my focus is still up.

There was a day recently that the workout involved one thing I doubted I could do.  I had only attempted this once before without success and as a kid.  However, where I lacked belief, others made up for it.  I took a risk, even in my unbelief, kept my vision up, and tired. 

I understand keeping your head down, but I have learned:
Where you set your gaze affects your outcome!

 Jesus is the lifter of your head. If you do one thing to give yourself success, you will start to believe, and begin holding your head in belief. 


  1. You are an inspiration to everyone that crosses your path <3

  2. Thank you, you are so kind! You inspire me!


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