Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Transformation Tuesday Part 2

I went to the park after I worked out today.  This was a place as a child that took me away.  I felt God on those swings as I sang songs from my favorite records.  Some of favorites were Annie, Down by the Creek Bank, Smurfs, and The Oak Ridge Boys. I could belt out some "Elvira".  These were moments that the anxiety of life never touched.

You wanna know how I know Jesus is changing me, not just in numbers on the scale, but inside out???
I went there today, no I was called there!!!
  I was a little hesitant when I arrived, because there were people.  So, at first I walked, then, I talked to the people, and then I swung.  (of course I knew I needed to take a pic for this, because God had already laid it on my heart, so I told them I was there to take a picture for something I was doing)  I did not want them to think I was some crazy woman! ;)

I have swung before this day, but this was different.  Not only physically do I fit better in the swing, but emotionally and mentally. It was a moment that the anxiety of life could not touch.  I am having more and more of these moments.  The more I conquer physically the more God is showing me to let go emotionally and mentally, and allow His peace in. 

I am a planner.  I plan dinner., I plan laundry day. I plan cleaning day. I plan grocery store day.  Guess what? 

Yep!  I don't have a plan this week...I have not been to the store yet...and we are OK!!!!  I am not stressing about it. That is transformation!

Just like with the numbers on the scale, I have so far to go in this area. But,  I am thankful God made me with a bit of OCD and I will continue to plan, but I will allow the myself to continue to learn to let go.  I will go back to being a kid sometimes and create moments for me, my children, and my husband that the anxieties of life can't touch, but God can! 

Happy Transformation Tuesday!  
All things through Christ! 


  1. *GASP* What?!?! No planning of dinners?!?! How do you cope?? ;-) hehe It is a "free" feeling when that doesn't happen isn't it?

    1. Yes it is. I just did not have time to do it for this week. It was a nice break.


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