Friday, February 24, 2017

I Heard A Story

I should be working out or sleeping, but I am drinking my coffee and writing.  When my alarm rang out this morning to tell me to get out of bed and get to the gym, I reset it for another hour. My mind would not rest last night so my sleep was practically nothing and I have to work today, when you work with kids you need sleep.  I laid there attempting to get that extra hour, but my thoughts again begin to dwell on the things that kept me from going to sleep last night. I have written before words help me process, so instead of exercising or sleeping, I decided to wake up drink coffee and process my thoughts that are robbing me of sleep and a good calorie burn. I may not get to finish processing my thoughts through my words this morning, but I had to start.

I heard an incredible story last night that captivated my heart. The story teller was Rabbi .  He shared about his life as a former member of Knesset, the Israeli parliament, and how he got there.  He told us about moments of  his life that G-d connected together,  he helped me understand about the promises of G-d and the Jewish people, and how I as a Christian can support Israel.

The story was educational, funny, well spoken, and passionate, but what pulled at my spirit was the
incredible story of obedience that this man and his wife had.  The faith and obedience it took these parents to move their family outside of their comfort zone, just about took my breath away. 

 I have listened to many speakers, read many books, many blogs that left me inspired, moved, and wishing I could have coffee and conversation with the speaker or author and this speaker is now at the top of that list.  I would love to have this speaker and my pastor at a table for a few hours.

His words, his story left me in tears.  It reminded me how alive and active the Bible is.  It reminded me how we can have differing beliefs and still greatly impact each others life.  

This man shared his story, that is in fact G-d's story and it left me with a few thoughts:
What would happen if we really looked at the dots of our lives G-d is connecting?  What would we see?  How would we live differently, knowing that He is connecting those dots?

I also thought about the obedience this man demonstrated and all the thoughts and ideas G-d has given me.....what if I acted and obeyed on those?  Not that I have never obeyed, but there are things I brushed aside, thinking there is not a need or I can't.  There have been stirrings in my spirit to do something and I did not have the boldness or courage to act, to obey.

Courage is my one word this year.....I wonder what would G-d would do if I truly had the courage to allow Him to connect the dots in my life?  A dot to dot picture is beautiful when the dots are all connected! What could be if I acted in obedience and faith?  Maybe I would not be courageous doing it, but if I had the courage to act despite my fear, despite my I can't, G-d would connect another amazing story.

What would happen if we truly allowed G-d to connect those dots in our lives? What would you do if you took a step of courage?  What would you do if you got out of your comfort zone?  What would be your story?

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