Sunday, January 1, 2017

My update for My One Word for 2016

I wanted to update you on my word for 2016; transform.

I posted an update in July of 2016 about my one word, in that post I stated; "I began the year with a desire to transform some clutter, my writing, our finances, my health, and to continue to transform to be more like Jesus.

The clutter is still there.  (So glad I still have 5 months to go!!) 
Update:  Can anyone ever live completely clutter free?  I did tackle a few spots, it's not as good as I would like, but there was a lot that I did got done. 

I have taken small steps toward working on my writing and will continue to do so.
Update: I did take more small steps.  I took a few lessons from Compel Training, I made a few tools to help me organize my thoughts and ideas, and even came up with ideas...but the actual writing did not happen as much as I would have liked.

We have made some changes in our finances and will continue.
Update:  We are continuing to make changes and will continue.

I am continuing to transform to be more like Jesus.
Update: I am continuing to transform.  I did complete a year long reading plan, it was not reading through the bible in a year, but reading certain parts that point to Jesus.  It was really neat!

As for my health, I shared back in July that I began coaching with Precision Nutrition.
Update: I am still coaching with Precision Nutrition.  My year with them ends in July.  I have transformed some physically, but the majority of this transformation at this halfway point has been trying things and learning things...figuring out what works for me.   One thing that sticks out about what I have learned is that I can eat and not log my food.  I have been logging my food in some form or fashion for, forever!! I mean like years and years.  I have taken short breaks from it, but for the most part I have logged.  I made the choice to experiment and see what would happen if I didn't.  It wasn't terrible, ya'll!!!!  Yes, it was hard to lose my logging streak, but it was worth trying.  I felt like logging food made me focus so much more on it and less on my body's cues and I was right. It has been amazing and I can't wait to see what the next 6 months with this coaching has in store.  Here is a recent picture, the first is back in 2011, the second is July of 2016, and the third is today.  I am still transforming and will continue, just with a new word and new focus for 2017.

And that is a wrap for my One Word for 2016.




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