Saturday, November 16, 2013

Progress and Set Backs

I recently participated in the Lurong Living Paleo Challenge.  I was hesitant about taking the challenge, because I had a plan that was working, however this challenge would also include some workout challenges at Kodiak Crossfit.  I was intrigued.  I wanted to know if I could do it, so I did. 

Thankfully, I had several friends participate as well. There is strength in numbers!!! Those workout challenges were no joke! The food part was not so bad, once I realized how simple and similar it was to my current plan. 

My improvements in 8 weeks:
  •  Workout 1 - I improved my time by 3:04
  •  Workout 2- I did 55 reps total of kettle bell swings and burpees the 1st time and 145 reps the 2nd, improving my time by 1:40
  •  Workout 3- I improved my time by 29 seconds
  •   I lost a total of 14 inches
  •   I lost 14.7 lbs, bringing my total to 66 lbs lost
September 14, 2013 & November 10,2013

When the challenge was over I had not made a decision about what I was going to continue to do. Did I want to go back to carb cycling or continue on a paleo path?  I had no plan and looked forward to a cheat, which turned into a day, and into a few days with some binge eating.  This is the first week I have struggled with food since May. Just when you think your drug of choice is not a problem you realize it still is. I have seen a glimpse of the habits that have weighed me down for so long. In the midst of transformation, remembering where you came from and why you want to change are vital, therefore I wanted to write myself a letter.

Dear Shelly,

Do you understand how far you have come?  How far God has brought you on this journey?? At your heaviest you were tired, anxious, depressed. Everything was hard...everything!!  Your emotions controlled your food choices. After losing some weight, you then had the courage to try our for a TV show and have continued to fight ever since. Did you know that no matter what you put in your mouth or how your workout went, you Shelly are fearfully and wonderfully made??  The bible tells you so!  Did you know that in any journey to see some rainbows, you have to have a little rain?? This week is just a little rain.  Don't let it drown you! God did not bring you this far to leave you! Remember when you don't eat well, you don't feel well.  How do you want to feel today? You are worth the hard work, time, and effort this journey takes! You have 2 girls snuggled in their beds that are watching your journey. You have a husband who loves you and supports your efforts.  Remember your trying to leave a different legacy, and you are.  The goals you have before you will take time to reach. You will take 2 steps forward and 4 steps back at times, but you know God has surrounded you with what you need for your journey.  Yes, you fell down this week physically(I fell during a workout this week, thus facing a fear) and with food, but that does not mean you quit.  It means you faced some fears and have some choices.  Will you get back up and not allow yourself to be tangled up in the web of old habits?  There is a great quote in the ebook "The Unwired Mom" by Sarah Mae "And when you do mess it all up, there is grace that says, "It's okay, you're covered. Get up and try again. You are not alone in this." 

You got this, all things through Christ.

Look again at how far He has brought you:

March 2011, April 2013, November 2013
If you read this today, I pray that whatever journey you are on, whatever goals you have, that you know if He can bring me this far, then He can bring you as well.
Hang in there.  Fight with me. Lets get up and try again. We are not alone!

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  1. You look amazing Shelly! You are doing awesome!!


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