Friday, May 24, 2013

The Scoop with EMWLE Part 2

The call back came on April 18th at 11PM, I was fast asleep. When the phone rang I saw it was a blocked number, pushed the talk button, and hung up.  The phone rang again and I answered. I was shocked, somewhat speechless, and unsure if I could workout what they asked of me.  I was asked to drive to Oklahoma City for an on camera interview. They apologized for not being able to do this while in Dallas.  I can't remember exactly why I ended up getting that golden ticket...I think I was an alternate or something?? 

Oklahoma City is about a 3.5 hour drive from my house.  Who would keep my youngest daughter? Who would pick my older daughter up from school?  I could not do this by myself, who would go with me?  We agreed that I would call back in the morning and let them know if I could make it.

Who can sleep after that call??  Thankfully I had a friend up I could call and my husband woke up. I tossed and turned most of the night.  Impatiently, I waited for 4:40 AM for my ride to the gym.  I could not wait to tell them and ask them to help me figure out the logistics.  One even dropped everything she had going on for a road trip.  I am so grateful for this little town we live in and the friends that God has put in my life.  I got a friend to take care of my kids and pray for me.  (you all are awesome, thank you)

Road Trip Selfies

Lobby couch was awesome
Lovin' the green couch


We had so much fun on this road trip.  I completed my on camera interview and we headed back.  I was completely overwhelmed.  This was crazy, unexpected, and a lot to process.  I had a lot of homework to do. I had to dig deeper into my story and although I have told bits an pieces before, putting it all together was very therapeutic. I got it all turned in waited and prayed. 

I had to make a lot of videos and in one of them I voiced these words:

"The journey of unpacking my story and telling my story has taught me greatly. I heard Beth Moore say "There is beauty in the process” and she is right."
In my next blog I will include the letter I wrote to the host of this show.  (which begins its next season on Tuesday!!)
I received an email on Wednesday that I did not make it to the finals. Very bittersweet.  I had some plans for my summer with my girls!!! Who knows what would have happened had I got picked???
I still don't know where God is taking me, but I know He is in control.


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