Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Now What???

Now What??


The day I received that email stating I did not make it as a finalist for the show I got a package I have been waiting on, it was a blessing in that moment. 
I can!!! I can do all things through Christ.  I can ask for help and support from others.  I can get up at 4 AM 3 days a week and get to the gym 3 other times. (yep that is 6 days per week....so thankful I have a workout buddy and a supportive family!!!)

I read Chris Powell's book.  You can find more info at http://chrispowell.com/.  I ordered the protein shakes he endorses (YUM!!!) and I am CHOOSING to follow his eating plan for 4 weeks. I will then reassess and see how it is working for me. 
I also made the difficult decision to change from a fabulous personal trainer who is unable to train me at my gym to one at my gym. (If you want to train outside of a gym contact http://countrifiedpersonaltraining.webstarts.com/)
Here is my new trainer.  I will be training with him and doing the boot camp the gym offers.
10. Encourage me.
  9. Check in on me.
  8. Do not offer me just one bite. (unless its my "cheat" day)
  7.  If you invite me to lunch or over for dinner don't take it personal if I bring my  food.
   6. Workout with me. 
   5. Help me come up with new recipes for protein and veggies.
   4. If I sell something on one of those garage sell sites...buy it...its helping me pay for my protein shakes, trainer, and new clothes.
   3.  Hold me accountable.
   2.  Laugh with me.
   1.  Pray for me.
Thank you!!!!! 

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