Wednesday, August 8, 2012

P90X Vs. Shelly and other things

I continue to struggle with food, exercise, and losing it often with my kids and husband. How does one woman do it all??

I really wanted to attend a recent casting call for The Biggest Loser, but I did not.  Could I really leave my family?  Ummmm….NO!  I would miss so much. I have made commitments to them.  I  have just finished my round 2 of 33 days of eating raw and have came out binging.  Sugar is a drug I tell ya!!!! A DRUG!!!  So after fighting the fact , I can not eat what I want and run an occasional 5k, I have made a decision to take on P90X.  Now, I may modify it some, to still include running on the cardio days and include a different yoga video I like.  I am also aiming to log my food on my fitness pal. 

Today was Day 1:

I am doing the Lean version.  Today was Core Synergistics.  I really enjoyed it and the calories it burned!!!!   I could not do every movement, push ups are not my thing…..yet. There were a few movements that were new to me that I really liked.  Only 89 more days to go.  Bring it!

Since I also struggle with losing it with my kids and husband….I know I am not the only one!!! I have been impatiently waiting for a book!! Unglued by Lysa Terkeust.  I can not wait to start reading the wisdom, words, and stories!   I want God to help me not be so unglued in the mornings during the upcoming school year, or when I do not get enough sleep, or when there is spilled milk.  Yes, I cry and become unglued over spilled anything at times.  Or when I am losing my housekeeper…thanks budget crisis.!!!!   I know that God will speak to me through this book.  I pray He will speak to me and that I will apply it to my life.

We still have a few weeks of summer, but I need the routine now of P90X, and the wisdom before those early mornings.

Here’s to exercise and better mommy-hood for the upcoming school year!


  1. Way to go Shelly! How are you feeling this morning? I tried P90X a couple of times and it was just way out of my league--I could do the workout, but would be immobile for the next 3 days! And with my personality it's very hard to adapt the workouts so it's not as hard on me. Praying you find encouragement through the new book and exercise routine!

    1. Thanks! I am actually feeling pretty good! Will update tomorrow!


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