Wednesday, August 15, 2012

P90x and Contentment Confessions

Doing P90X I have a new appreciation for God resting on the 7th day. And I praise Him for it!!!  I am thankful P90x models creation, even if that was not what they were thinking!  I completed the first 6 days and took the 7th day to rest. REST is GOOD!!!!!  I am surprised in my ability to walk up the stairs each day to participate in such a sweat inducing task. 

Now on to confession time:

Contentment is the state of being contented, being satisfied.  My confession:  this has not been me at times in my life, even recently.  I have had many moments of not being okay with certain things in my life, wanting more or something else.  More food, more clothes, more toys, to be more of a stay at home mom, more food, more workout DVDs, more friends, more makeup, more sleep, more time, more,more, and more.  Or maybe I wanted less, less weight, less traffic, less work, less stress, less housework, less trials, less clutter.  Always wanting.  Dissatisfied.

I have been confessing and praying that Jesus would help me with this. I have so many amazing blessings in my life. Have you met my kids or husband?? I want to breath in moments  with them with satisfaction. Not stressing over my to do list!!  At church this past Sunday our pastor Trey Graham preached on this exact thing.  I think God was trying to hit me over the head with a 2x4!!!!  Some of the words I heard were “in culture it is circumstantial, in the spiritual world it’s about letting Him be enough.” Trey  reminded me that “if I want contentment I need to get rid of the barrier between me and God.  I have the answer, am I going to do it or not??    I can be content when I am satisfied in Jesus.” 

I know my barriers!!!! And I look forward to knocking them down.  As the people on P90x would say BRING IT!!!

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