Friday, November 4, 2011


Lesson have been learned since last blog:

1.  Bootcamps are hard for fat people.
2.  Burpees are the enemy!!!!
3.  The second round of detox is harder than the first. 
4.  Rope exercises are fun.
5.  God can teach me and love me in my mistakes.
I was listening to a podcast by Matt Chandler, who is a preacher in the Dallas area and he said some great things....

1.  People love info but hate application:  What do you love to hear and learn about but do not apply well?  I have done many bible studies where I hear it, but do not apply what I learn.  Even with health and nutrition.  I love the info, but do not put it into action all the time.  I pray that I apply what I learn.  What Jesus teaches me.

2. Back in the day they sacrificed we sacrifice our lives.  What do you sacrifice?  What do you sacrifice for?  These questions will help you see where your priorities are.

3.  God has entrusted me with two precious souls.  Do I always parent with this mindset?  Those 2 girls that God has blessed me with are so amazing.  I am honored to be their mother.  They are my mission field.  Thank you Lord for those girls.

4.  We focus on the temporary and not eternal.  I know I do this with food.  Get that temporary fix.  That one tasty bite.  But I also do this in other areas.
Another thing I have been learning, and have known is that there are times that I love food more than I love God. I do not want this to be true!!!!!!!!!!! This has been a hard truth to face. Facing realities about yourself that need to be changed is hard! And this is what my journey has been about this time.  What does God want for my life??

Lets not beat ourselves up.  Lets pull up are big girl pants and make a better choice. 

I can do all things through Christ.

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