Saturday, October 15, 2011

33 Day Detox/Cleanse Take 2

Good Morning!  I have decided to participate in this journey again.  I need the support of the group!  I still have weight to lose and health to gain.  We were asked today to read Numbers 11:1-15.  Go look it up. 

I love Moses' honesty with God.  I love how in his fit he went directly to God.  I have a tendency to pout, throw my fit, call people, all before I go to God. 

I also saw in the Message version that in verse 6 it said "manna, manna, manna".  That just made me smile, taking me back to the Brady Bunch days of Marsha, Marsha, Marsha.

  We were asked as we read to think about having the same thing.  The Israelites we sick of having the same thing over and over.  I kinda think it would be nice to always know what is for dinner.  Their attitude was not one of thankfulness.  I know I have not had the right attitude many times.  God got angry at their complaining.  How many times do we today complain about life?  We are so blessed.  I can be a complainer, I have to chose to look at my blessings!!!!!

So what do we do when we are tired of it??  Its okay to get tired of something.  We can be grateful for what we have and turn to God to help us have the right attitude and ask Him to intervene in our lives. God wants us to depend on Him.

In some cases getting tired of something is what prompts change.  I am tired of being unhealthy and I will just say it....FAT.  I want change. 

What are you tired of?  What do you need to have a thankful heart about it?  What do you need to rely on God to get you through? 

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  1. Great post, Shelly! I'm so proud of you for working so hard to improve your health. Your sweet baby girls will be grateful for your efforts 50 years from now :)

    I'm tired of being broke and constantly struggling to make ends meet....but I need to be more appreciative of the fact that I have a wonderful job that gives me the money to pay my bills. I'm able to give my baby everything he needs (and most of the things he wants) and I should be incredibly grateful to God EVERY DAY for that blessing.

    Stay strong in your weight loss journey. You're doing such an amazing job, and while it's most important that you're FEELING better, it doesn't hurt that you LOOK amazing, too! ;)


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