Sunday, January 3, 2010


Well, we have made it to the year 2010!!! Happy New Year my friends. I pray that this year blesses you all.

It has been a while since I posted. The holidays have come and gone. We had such a blessed time. I have survied the season and have reached a weight loss total of 42 lbs. Yeah! However, I did not stick to plan great or I would have lost much more. I admitt the food tasted yummy!!! I noted though that I feel much bettter physically when I do not stuff myself with so much food. I did not feel so great on those days. I like feeling in control of the food too. With all the food spread out in the kitchen it feels like it controls me. I was able to exercise at time....with a horrible ear infection that lasted 5 weeks, and then went away, and is now back, it has been hit or miss, but I discovered Zumba. It is a latin dance class at the YMCA, and is so much fun and great calorie burner. And Santa gave us a Wii. I love it. So much family fun!

I do not really make New Year's resolutions, but I want to reach my weight loss goal this year and I have huge to do list. I pray that I will also do better about abiding in Jesus. He is the vine.

May you reach your goals this year.

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