Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Well, what is a struggle? Websters says "to proceed with difficulty or great effort". Are you struggling with anything right now? Sometimes we struggle to get up in the morning, make dinner, work out. Everyone has them, but it is hard to learn to cope with them in different ways. Food has almost always been my coping mechanism. Today I was told to not really workout till my ear got better. (that is another story), and now I can't use that to help cope. What do I do? I have a lot going on right now, just like everyone, but I am to chose a different coping mechanism. How? I have blogged about this sort of thing before, but I think as one chooses a weight loss journey or any journey you have to face your issues your struggles usually more than once.

I was doing my bible study today. It is Esther by Beth Moore and it was talking about failure to decide and I had a light bulb moment. I pray I can really apply it from this day forward. We get choices everywhere, with food, with obeying God, with exercise, with our time and if we fail to decide what to do in the struggle than we may risk gaining weight, our destiny, our health, our relationships. I never want to fail to to decide. We should be intentional about our choices, our lives, our attitudes.

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