Friday, April 10, 2020

Israel Day 1

Two years ago today, I arrived in Israel. I have yet to complete my posts about my trip. I have written several pieces regarding it, but have so much more to tell. With most of us sheltering in place, this seems like a perfect time to take you on a journey to the Holy Land. My goal for the next 11 or so days is to share with you my odyssey as I open up my journal and pictures and revisit Israel.

My travel mates were a group from my church and leading the charge was my pastor Trey Graham. (You can look into going with him in the future by visiting, We completed our group by meeting up with Gidon Ariel of Root Source, others who traveled to be with our group, our tour guide, and our bus driver. This was an exculsive tour celebrating Israel turning 70, with teaching from both Gidon, an Israeli Jew, and Trey, a Texas Christian.

We arrived about 10 AM after traveling approximatley 16 hours. Thankfully, others had given this first time international traveler some tips and I freshened up in the plane before landing, because we hit the ground running.

One of the first things that struck me, that I stated frequently during my time, was how amazing the air felt. It enveloped me in a different way, that I couldn't quite explain.

The first place we visited was Independence Hall in Tel Aviv.
This historical site is the place Israel became a state. We learned more about Tel Aviv and the ceremony that took place establishing the State of Israel.

After the museum we split up to have lunch, this was the view as I ate an amazing salad. Veggies taste better in Israel!

Next, was Caesarea. It was amazing. The air was even more incredible by the sea. I felt speechless and tears filled my eyes as I listened to the teaching and took in the fact that I was standing in Israel.  I had a sense of home as I took it all in and all I could do was worship inwardly.


This city was built under Herod the Great. I loved seeing the ruins of this ancient city and hearing the history.

It is in this area that the story of Acts 10 and Acts 25 takes place....and I stood in this place.

 To see the remnants of the walls and a moat in real life left me awe struck.

We then drove to our hotel. The drive was beautiful. We had dinner and got settled. Day 1 was a success.

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