Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Travel Day, A Year Later

A year ago today a 40 year old woman, who never had a passport, who dislikes flying, made the journey to Israel. That was only possible, because G-d called her to go and made a way.

I had hoped to finish writing about my trip before this date approached, but things are still left to be said.

I was a bundle of nerves waiting to board the first leg of our flight. I was filled with anxiety, excitement, and anticipation. I had not flown in about 15 years. I had never been out of the country.  

 Despite my dislike of being in large objects in the sky, I love the views. My fear comes from take off, turbulence, unknown noises, and wondering if I am really gonna get from point A to point B. Thankfully, the desire to be obedient and step out in faith outweighed my fear. And thankfully, I did not embark on this journey alone.

My pastor and friend was leading our crazy crew on this adventure and was well aware of my fear. He graciously and patiently distracted me on our first leg. He brought out a map of Israel and began teaching me. And guess what, we made it to Canada!

 I loved this structure at the airport in Canada.

This picture shows part of our group awaiting to board the plane that would take us all 12 hours to Israel.

 Our flight crew was amazing. I walked around the plane often and enjoyed seeing how things work. Praise G-d my seat was an aisle seat, so I could get up frequently. The flight was surprisingly pleasant.

 I loved getting to watch movies on this screen, but getting to see where we were and how far we had to go was awesome. I think I watched it more than movies.

 Upon arriving in Israel, I saw this hot air balloon. I love balloons.

 And I was welcomed. During that first day, I spoke with a friend and said I was speechless and in tears. The reply was welcome home. 

I have so much more to share about my time, but on the departure date of April 20, 2018, as I rode in a van to the Ben Gurion Airport tears rolled down my cheeks. I wasn't ready to leave and as my pastor promised, began asking myself when I could go back.  It did feel like home. I left a piece of my heart there and some new friends.

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