Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Truth About Israel

I have not planned out all my posts about my trip to Israel, but I had some forethought as to how I might write them.  Today's post was not in my plans, it was inspired after observation from afar.  So on one hand this post isn't about my trip, yet on the other it is.  If I had not gone on that trip, making the friends that I have made and learning all that I have,  I may not have had the words to write this.

Yesterday, in Israel a man who lived as a hero, died as one. I did not have the blessing of knowing this man, but I have had the blessing of knowing and being in contact with many who did.  Some of these contacts, I am blessed to call friends.  Some of them acquaintances.  All of them graciously allow me to ask a million questions and glean from them about Israel, Judaism, and Hebrew.  But, I digress.

This man was stabbed by a terrorist and after being critically wounded was able to run after the terrorist and shoot him, stopping him from causing further harm.  That terrorist did not die, he was treated at the scene by Jews and taken to an Israeli hospital. After inflicting injury on a Jew, he was tended to by Jews.

Last week I wrote a post titled, Is Israel Safe, I still stand by my words, with a resounding yes, Israel is safe.
Since social media blew up about this terror attack, I have seen my friends and acquaintances hurting. I watched a live video that displayed the vast amount of people attending the funeral.  I saw the live feed of the funeral.  I saw the family's hurt. I cried with them.

Today I have read numerous articles, listened to interviews, and have seen many posts about this hero. 

In all of this, I see the beauty of unity amidst the storm of pain.

I also see the need for truth.  As I have learned more about this hero, Ari Fuld, I know that he wanted others to see truth regarding Israel too.

G-d began growing in me a love for the Jews, Judaism, Israel, and Hebrew a year and a half ago.  Basically, that means I have a lot to learn and understand, but it does not mean I can't share truth.

The truth is, Israel is the promised land. The truth is, the Jews are G-d's chosen people. The truth is,  learning from my friends about Judaism has expanded my faith.  The truth is, the Hebrew language is amazing.  The truth is, understanding these things will help you know the heart of G-d.  The truth is, we are seeing promises regarding this land and this people being fulfilled.

The truth is, this land is surrounded by enemies.  The truth is, not every person who is not a Jew in Israel or elsewhere is an enemy.  The truth is, there are people out there that do not like the Jewish people. The truth is, news stations twist the truth and often times don't even report what is occurring in Israel.

The truth is, a Jewish man was killed for being a Jew.

And therefore, the truth is we need to stand with Israel, join our Jewish friends in unity, and support them in truth.

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