Wednesday, August 1, 2018

I Finished My Second Year of Precision Nutrition

On July 8, 2018 I completed my second year with Precision Nutrition.  It has been a tough year, but a good one.  I went into this year thinking it would be more about weight loss and less about changing in other ways since I already went through an entire year of the program.  Boy, was I wrong!!

 In my first round with this organization I learned a lot and changed my relationship with food.  One of the lessons I learned, is that transformation is not about the latest diet, but about changing from the inside out.  Part of that for me is learning to let Jesus heal the places I have only allowed food to touch. I deepened this transformation in this second year.  One way I did this was continuing to train for a half marathon that I agreed to in May of 2017, towards the end of my first year of Precision Nutrition. I also completed a program called The Road. The Road helped me break free from baggage that held me back.

Completing The Road, continued the inside out transformation that had already begun.  Training for the half marathon took it deeper.  It gave me a place of solitude where I could wrestle out thoughts and struggles.  I blasted music and listened to sermons.  As I wrote in one post, it gave me space to clear my mind.   It challenged me.  This training seemed impossible, because I had previous knee surgeries and asthma, but this training taught me about possibility and endurance. G-d called me to this race and He helped me finish. Impossible became possible.

I learned more about trust in this round of PN coaching.  Trusting G-d, trusting the process, and even trusting myself.   To deepen my internal transformation, the Lord took me outside of my comfort zone again by asking me to go to Israel.  I had only been out of my home state a handful of times, I never had a passport, and I hate to fly.  But like the half marathon, G-d called me to this and He helped me finish.  Again, impossible became possible.

Transformation from the inside out has out weighted the numbers on the scale again in round two.  Overall my health is about the same, even my weight in the end as ended up about the same.   However, as I look back over the year I am a half marathon finisher, I have now been working out consistently for 2 years.  In terms of nutrition I have had many changes, going gluten free, diary free, egg free, and even caffeine free due to sensitives.  I have had a lot going on personally this past year, but I have learned I don't have to give up because life happens.  So no, maybe I didn't have huge scale success, but in the words of my PN Coach, "I gained invaluable experience for situational awareness and self understanding".    PN is about living your best life, and as I look back over the last year, I certainly lived an amazing one.  Again in the words of my coach, " ...maybe the biggest success you've had is this:  You  haven't put your life on hold until that happens."  Meaning I haven't waited to see a certain number to be confident in who G-d says I am.  I haven't waited to see a certain number to run a race.  I haven't waited to see a certain number to say yes to follow G-d, even across the world to Israel.    

1st picture is beginning of my first year with PN, 2nd is end of 1st year, 3rd is end of 2nd year.


Garden Tomb in Israel

I am thankful for the last year and look forward to seeing what is to come.  I do not plan on doing a 3rd year with Precision Nutrition, but I plan on continuing to work out and eat good food. I am not following a certain plan per se.  I believe in what I call reality eating, but I did find a nutrition plan through my beach body friends that gives me a good template to work with to keep myself in check.  Basically, I am going to keep fighting and keep trusting.  I know that even in regards to numbers, one day impossible will become possible.  

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