Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!

Another year, brings another word.  In fact it will be my 5th word.  Five years of praying about and focusing on one word has been more impactful than any New Year's resolutions I have ever made.  I never seemed to keep resolutions, but walking with a word for a year, it changes you.  G-d uses it to sculpt and mold me.  He uses it to teach me and guide me.  He uses it to speak to me and love me.  Every year with every word has been so meaningful.

In 2014 I chased what matters.
In 2015 I wanted to be
In 2016 it was transform.
And in 2017 it was courage.

I knew why I needed to focus on courage when 2017 started, but I had no idea how G-d would have me work through it.  There were many circumstances that despite my fear and doubt that G-d used the word courage to see me through.  It was there in learning new things, growing my faith, in my parenting, in dealing with personal "stuff",  and of course as I conquered doing the impossible (AKA running a half marathon). In frequent moments of anxiety and fear He used the running challenge to build my courage and remind me that He is with me.  A year with this word has helped me fight for myself and at times with myself.

I think my biggest take away with this word was something I wrote in my blog post about completing the half:

"Being obedient to this doing the impossible challenge helped me embrace my one word for the year, courage.   Courage does not mean no fear or no risk.    It's realizing the presence of danger, fear, or difficulty and still taking action.  I was unsure of my ability to follow through with this training due to asthma and my knees. 

But G-d. 

I was sure of Him.

Obedience over feelings."

This foundation of courage has led me to my word for 2018....Trust.

While I am sure of Him, as I went through 2017 and the word courage, I was able to to see gaps in my trust.  I saw gaps in trust of myself, others, my journey, my ability, what G-d wants me to do, my parenting, and much more.  I see hesitation to say yes and say no, because of struggles with trust.  Doubt creeps in.  In 2018 I want to fill those places with expanding trust and see what the Lord will do in my weight loss journey, in my faith, in my home, in my new found love of Israel, the Jewish people, and the Hebrew language, and in many other areas He has laid on my heart.

I think courage and trust are intertwined and that makes trust a perfect next word. 

One Word.

One Year.


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