Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Candy Land and Weight Loss

Have you ever played Candy Land?   You play by flipping over cards that tell you where to go on the path, your goal is to be the first to reach the Candy Castle.  There are few shortcuts on the path, there are also a few places that you get stuck and you miss a turn, there are even times you draw a card and must go backward,  further away from the Candy Castle.

My weight loss journey reminds me of this game.  I keep flipping over cards that tell me how to get to my Candy Castle, AKA my health, cute clothes, and a smaller waist line.   I have felt like without the cards telling me where to move I can not get to the end.  I have flipped over cards that have gotten me stuck, cards that have given me a shortcut to my goal, only to have me go back to the start.  Playing the game of Candy Land can seem to take forever....playing the weight loss game can too.

The cards in my weight loss game have been various diets, trying out for Extreme Weight Loss, carb cycling, Crossfit, Paleo,  knee surgeries, dental issues, more various diets,  thyroid surgery, asthma issues, trainers, everyone's 2 cents, ect.....constantly flipping over the cards, but never seeming to get to the finish line.  Some of the short cut diet cards have been great. I have come so close to the finish that I tasted health and it was good. I want that back!!  The Crossfit card was AMAZING.  I really miss that card.  I have met some fantastic people because of the cards that were played.  I have felt that I needed cards to tell me what to do, which path to take, and I have felt that I can't do this on my own. 

Although some of these cards would have been making the show,  staying in Crossfit, or being able to pay someone to train and help me, none of it would work unless I did the work!!!!
I have come to the realization that I can keep flipping cards and searching for the right path to my Candy Castle or I can stop flipping cards,  pick a path, and take it.

My one word this year is transform.  I am never going to transform in this area if I just keep flipping cards.

By continually turning over cards food, dieting, and searching for a path has become an idol in my life. My thoughts have been consumed with what do I do, what do I eat, what I should and should not have, and that I needed someone to help me. It was keeping me from moving forward, but I must admit it was also my excuse.

I know that I can do all things through Christ, but I also know I am required to stop making excuses and take action.  Stay on a consistent path.  Walk it, don't try to go around it.  Obstacles are going to come, but I have to stay the course. 

With that said, the path I have chosen is Weight Watchers.  I love my fitness pal, however mentally, and spiritually right now,  I need the freedom of not counting most veggies and fruit.   We each have to do what works for us.  What we will stick too.  I may make changes down the road, but right now  this is my consistent path with food.  I joined before Christmas to see the new program before I took serious action.  I changed my weigh in days to Monday to help hold myself accountable over weekends, and on 12-28-15 I stopped flipping cards. In the last 2 weeks I have lost 8.7 pounds.  I am thrilled with this and feel like food and dieting is not consuming my thoughts.

I also plan on continuing to hit the gym, get in at least 10,000 steps  (I am changing my goal on my Fitbit now before I keep typing, however it also needs to be charged, so this may not occur today), and I am adding DDP yoga.  I will be doing my second video for this today.  

And last, but for me the most important key is to continuing to grow in Christ, because I can not transform without Him.

Now that I have picked a card and plan on sticking with it , I can almost taste my Candy Castle... health, cute clothes, and a smaller waist line.

One Word.

One Year.


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