Saturday, January 18, 2014

One Word

I recently read a book called One Word That Will Change Your Life by Jon Gordon, Dan Briton, and Jimmy Page.  I loved the idea of this book. I loved the simplicity.  One word. One year.  I have been praying about my word for a few weeks and I am thrilled to share it with you.

The day after Christmas I had to have a scope done on my left knee. I tore my meniscus and had cartilage damage under the knee cap.  I had my right knee done about 15 months ago. Praise Jesus, I am doing so much better with this one than I did the first time.

However, I am struggling!

This. Is. So. Much. Harder. Than I...Expected!!!
(I kinda thought I had it together.)

The first time I had this scope, I gave up easily.

This time I will keep fighting, even though I am struggling.

From May till September I had a plan of eating that was going well.  In September, I participated in an 8 week challenge that was not much different, but enough that I felt like I had to learn yet another way of eating. The challenge was over in November, I had no plan for what I would do next. I gave myself some food freedom.  I continued to workout, giving myself permission to not be as strict with food through the holidays, fully expecting to keep up my same work out routine. Then the knee injury occurred.  I was not surprised by it, this knee has been through a lot, it was only a matter of time.  I am struggling to find balance with food. Struggling to find my plan....again.

I have been working out consistently now for over a year. Most days pushing myself more than I could even imagine. Before the most recent surgery I modified my work outs and mentally felt okay.  I showed up 2 days last week...but it did not feel the same. Due to going to therapy 3x/week, I planned on going 2x this week.....then I got sick.  I am still sick.  I know I have to give myself healing time for the knee and illness, but I am struggling going from one extreme to the other...struggling to know that the modifications will still make a difference....struggling to know that I can do crossfit again....struggling to know that I can get a decent workout without  being able to push hard.

I participated in a ladies bible study from September to November this kept me plugged into the Word almost daily. I have struggled ever since plugging in.

I can look back over the last few months and see I struggle with balance. Its all or nothing.  In my minds eye I can see the scales tip with each of these instances going from one extreme to the other.

I will be doing a bible study titled Chase, by Jennie Allen.  I went into the first session of this study, thinking my one word, would be balance, I came out knowing its not.

My life, just like yours is busy, crazy, chaotic.
The scales will always tip, but if I am chasing God, He will give me stability.

Run after.
Act of pursing someone or something.

One word.  One year.

One of my favorite movies of all time is "Rudy". This man chased his goals with such passion.  I pray that as I chase what matters over the next year (health, strength, Jesus, hearts of those I love, relationships, learning to not live in extremes....and much more) that I chase like Rudy did!

After I tried out for Extreme Makeover, I set a goal of losing the weight by the end of  May 2014.  The struggles that I have faced may set me back a little, but I will continue to purse this.  I look forward to sharing with you what God reveals about the word chase in my life and about me running after this journey to health.

I am not giving up.  I will chase what matters. 
All things through Christ


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