Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tummy Ache

So much to confess...where do I start? I have exercised now 3x for two weeks, I only have 2 more times and I will have done it for 3 weeks. Yeah! I have played racquetball for the first time.....anyone give lessons?? It is a little comical I am sure, but a fun date night with my man.

However I have fallen off the wagon a bit. I have lots of excuses....stress, its been really busy, work, discouragement, but the only thing it has given me is a tummy ache. Was it worth it? No. And I now have the after guilt. But, I will learn from this. I can make a different and better choice next time. I can fight through the temptaions. I can do something different with my emotions. I do not have to chose to feed them! Next time...I can take a mommy time out, pray, call someone, take a walk, or blog.

One more thing to admitt: I have been craving Dt. Coke for about a week....I had a sip tonight..and Yuck. I am free of Dt. Coke.

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