Monday, January 5, 2015

Let's Be in 2015

Last year I moved from resolutions that I never kept, to choosing one word (not that I ever really made resolutions).  The concept came from the book called One Word That Will Change Your Life by Jon Gordon, Dan Briton, and Jimmy Page.  I love, love, love this idea!   One word. One year. 

I choose the word chase in 2014.  I learned a lot about chasing what matters. I chased Jesus, health, transformation, and people.

In 2015 I want to not just chase, I want to be.

According to Merriam-Webster be is,

—used to indicate the identity of a person or thing
—used to describe the qualities of a person or thing
—used to indicate the condition of a person or thing

According to be means to exist or live.

God laid this word on my heart during church on 12-14-14.  It seemed kinda odd to me at first, but then I got excited. Your always asked as a kid "what do you want to be?", well even as an adult I need to ask myself,  what do I want to be!!!! 

I want to Be:
obedient, still, consistent, forgiving, present, kind, loving, merciful, healthy, joyful, content, peaceful, gentle, grateful, disciplined, silly, a better mother, a better wife, strong, faithful, a writer, a student, funny, self-controlled, more like Jesus. 

And so much more.

We can choose how and what to be.

So, in 2015 I will choose to Just Be.

Every month focusing on a different be.

In January my focus is to be present.

Yesterday I looked at a few percentages of my phone use:
32% of my phone use was on facebook
28% was surfing the web
4% was my bible app
1% was actual phone use

In the last 7 days:
42% was on faceboook
5% was phone use
1% was my bible app

And I claim I don't have enough time for things!!

I attempted to go back to check my fitness and health apps, but due to my indulging over the holidays those have not been used much.

I don't want my phone usage to identify me as only using it for social media. Now, I do usually use my actual bible and not my app, but seriously these percentages are sad!!!    I want to be more present in engaging with people around me.  (No, this is not me declaring I am leaving facebook , but I am going to work on being less present there and more present with who or where I am at!!) 

I am also taking a break from my favorite food tracking app.  I am going old school.....pen and paper.  I have gotten so caught up tracking my food that I am less present during meals and those I share them with.

I think that both of these thing have almost become an idol in my life and I want to take them down. 

I want to be more present as I hang with my kids.  I want to be more present as I drive.  I want to be more present as I workout.  I want to be present during my bible study.  I want be present with my husband.  I want to be present during meals. I want to be present with friends, not just hanging out with people through facebook.

And maybe just maybe my phone battery will last a little longer.

What do you want to be in 2015?? How do you want to live?  How to do you want to be identified?  What qualities do you want to describe you?  What words do you want used to describe your condition?

Let's Be in 2015!!!


One word.  One year.